Garage Door Repairs

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Tired of Dealing With a Broken Garage Door?

Get the ball rolling on your garage door repair project in Houston, TX by calling Quality Door Service

Don't wait for your broken garage door to fall before you get it repaired. Call Quality Door Service for garage door repair services in Houston, TX and surrounding areas.

If your garage door is cracked or doesn't open properly, we can help. We'll inspect your garage door for free and repair it on the spot. Trust us to repair your garage door's:

  • Broken springs and cables
  • Dented or cracked panels
  • Misaligned rollers and photo eyes
  • Bent tracks

Contact us right way to schedule your garage door repair appointment. We'll make sure your garage door works smoothly before we leave your home. We offer $10 or 10% off on all of our garage door repair jobs.

Why hire a garage door repair expert?

Quality Door Service offers garage door repair services in the Houston, TX area. Hiring a garage door repair company to fix your garage door is a smart decision because:

  • A professional has the tools needed to repair complicated parts of your garage door
  • You'll save time-and you won't risk getting hurt doing the job yourself
  • You can rest easy knowing the job was done right

Get in touch with us right away to set up your garage door repair appointment.